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A selection of some of my most notable pieces. 

Pieces currently available for sale, priced generally by size.


If you would like a work for a specific space, contact me to discuss commissions.


Can't afford something of this scale? Check out my "In Flow" work for smaller, faster pieces, or Prints for beautifully rendered reproductions of some of my paintings stretched on canvas--hard to distinguish from the real thing.


In flow pieces are work that I do in one or two sessions, usually 4 to 8 hours.


Though they are less complex than my larger and more polished pieces, they give me a chance to experiment and turn off my perfectionist side, and just let the painting come out intuitively. Because of that, they keep a record of those discreet, intimate bursts of flow and the emotions of those particular moments.


Committing to doing these frequently keeps me feeling good, and also allows me to make art that's more affordable.


All in flow pieces are $300-$400 unless otherwise noted. 


Signed, sequentially-numbered giclee prints of selected works. All prints are highest quality and resolution, professionally color-matched, on stretched and varnished canvas.


You can barely tell the difference from the original.


Available for all images. Sizes same as the original, unless otherwise noted.



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